Restless Wind

Lyrics: Bill Nershi
Music: Bill Nershi

Played by Bill Nershi of String Cheese Incident with Phil & Friends on 17 August 1999.

As I ramble around on the outskirts of town
Visions from the past fill my mind
I remember the day that you went away
Each and every tear that I cried

Autumn chill cuts the air
Leaves blow through the sky
A fierce spirit everywhere
I can hear you sigh
Restless wind

Though I look back on the past, time has gone by so fast
Since those trips to the hills where you lived
When I was young, you were always so strong
Seemed to have the world on a string


Roots run deep
You ran faster than the wind
Roots run deep
I still feel all the love you said


I turn back towards my home, but I don't feel alone
Lke I did when I left for the night
'Cause you're right here with me, and now I can see
The spirit and the soul never died

1998 Round The Wheel (String Cheese Incident)


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