In The Midnight Hour

Lyrics: Pickett/Cropper
Music: Pickett/Cropper

I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That's when my love comes a-tumbling down
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
When there's nobody else around
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you
Do all the things I told you
In the midnight hour
Yes I am

I'm gonna wait till the stars come out
And twinkle in your eyes
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That when my love begins to shine
'Cause you're the only girl I know
That can really love me so
In the midnight hour
Grateful Dead Recordings
     Date Album
      1966 Vintage Dead
      3 Jul 1966 30 Trips Around The Sun
      3 Sep 1967 Fallout From The Phil Zone
     14 Feb 1968 Road Trips Volume 2, Number 2
      4 Feb 1970 Download Series: A Night At The Family Dog
     29 Apr 1971 Ladies And Gentlemen ... The Grateful Dead

Further Information
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