Blood On The Sheets

Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Robert Hunter

A song Robert Hunter wrote for the soundtrack of Armageddon Rag. In George R. R. Martin's the title is variously given as "Blood On The Sheets" and "Blood On The Sheet" (singular). Hunter gave some background in a solo performance on 28 July 1984:

That song, perhaps it's a bit out of character for me. It's a song I wrote for a movie soundtrack - also the song Raging - which some of you may have noticed is somewhat out of character also - because they're fitting this mythological band that's going to appear in this movie called The Nazgul - the name of the movie is "Armageddon Rag" - it will be about two or three years before it's out. Phil DeGuere, the producer of Simon and Simon, is producing the thing like that. And let the word out - it's going to be amazing - we're going to have special effects."
So far as I can tell, the movie was never completed. Hunter's solo performance appears on some setlists as "Not For You". The lyrics, as best as I can make them out, are:
You cut my heart out (note 1)
You made me bleed
I can't get a doctor
Get back on the [news]
You and my blood on the sheets

One was a magic number
You will not take a check
Charlie's dealing down a number
Fifty jokers to the deck
Can't pull them, 'cause I'm a wreck

Simple night and why did we stay so long
The night keeps exploding, and the dawn
Tore my heart out, I didn't even know it's gone
Symbolic say so, it's mine
It's all blood on the sheets

One more DOA, one more [?]
[?] tiptoe by us
Slip on the bloody street
If I'd have known, was my own
What a fool
It was mine, own blood on the streets

You cut my heart, you made me blue
I can't get it on, get back on my knees for you
Not with blood on the sheets
Not for you
Not with blood on the sheets
Not for you
Not with blood on the sheets
(1) in the book, Georg R. R. Martin gives these lines as "Baby, you cut my heart out; Baby, you made me bleed"


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