Midnight Moonlight


John Dawson: vocals, acoustic guitar
Rusty Gauthier: vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, fiddle, banjo
Gary Vogensen: vocals, electric guitar
Fred Campbell: bass

Additional musicians

John Pedersen: uillean pipes, banjo
Evan Morgan: acoustic guitar
Keith Allen: acoustic guitar, slide guitar
Carolyn Gauthier: vocals
Kevin Wimmer: cajun accordian, fiddle
Norton Buffalo: harmonica
Bill Laymon: earthwood bass
David Nelson: mandolin, acoustic guitar


TitleAuthorAdditional musicians
Midnight Moonlight(Rowan)
Sutter's Mill(Dawson)[Pedersen - pipes]
Charlie's Garden(Dawson)[Morgan, Pedersen - banjo]
All I Remember(Moll, Pell)[Allen, Carloyn Gauthier]
Louisiana Lady(Dawson)[Wimmer - accordian]
Ballad Of The Deportee(Woody Guthrie)[Wimmer - fiddle, Buffalo, Laymon]
Taking It Hard(New)[Allen, Wimmer - fiddle]
Glendale Train(Dawson)[Nelson, Morgan, Laymon]
Change In The Weather(Dawson)[Nelson, Buffalo]
Diesel On My Tail(J Fagan)[Laymon]
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy(Rowan)[Allen, Morgan]

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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