Dead songs not yet played by Furthur, The Dead, The Other Ones, Ratdog or Phil & Friends

These are the more common Dead songs not yet played by The Dead, The Other Ones, Ratdog or by Phil & Friends (excluding Brent and Pigpen songs etc).

Garcia/Hunter songs:
Keep Your Day Job

Lesh songs
If The Shoe Fits
Wave To The Wind

(1) in a 2005 interview, Bob Weir said:
"Esau's another one like Heaven Help the Fool. The lyric is too damned opaque it bothers me. I know what I'm singing about, but I'm not sure that the lyric gets that across. Barlow had to explain it to me. He shouldn't. When he was writing, I was there in the room; I mean we both wrote lyrics to it. But that's something I've got to work out with Barlow. And if it's too obtuse, unless I really really love it and don't mind it being obtuse, I'm going to have to stand my ground and say we've got to define this a little better."
Bob Weir re-introduced it (with a rewritten bridge) in 2012, playing it with members of The National in the Bridge Sessions and in solo sets with Bruce Hornsby.

(2) played by Bob Weir with most of his other bands


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