Songs With No Studio Recordings Issued

This is a list of songs written by the Grateful Dead which have been released as live recordings but with no studio recordings (yet) issued.
Title First Played First Released On  
The Eleven 17 Jan 1968 Live/Dead (note 1)
Clementine 20 Jan 1968 So Many Roads (1965-1995) (note 1)
Bertha 18 Feb 1971 Grateful Dead (Skull And Roses)
Wharf Rat 18 Feb 1971 Grateful Dead (Skull And Roses)
Mr Charlie 31 Jul 1971 Europe '72
Brown-Eyed Women 23 Aug 1971 Europe '72
Jack Straw 19 Oct 1971 Europe '72
Ramble On Rose 19 Oct 1971 Europe '72
Tennessee Jed 19 Oct 1971 Europe '72
China Town Shuffle 31 Dec 1971 So Many Roads (1965-1995)
The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion) 21 Mar 1972 The Golden Road (1965-1973)
He's Gone 17 Apr 1972 Europe '72
Never Trust A Woman 28 Aug 1981 Dozin' At The Knick
Keep Your Day Job 28 Aug 1982 Dick's Picks Vol. 6
Way To Go Home 23 Jan 1992 So Many Roads (1965-1995)
So Many Roads 22 Feb 1992 So Many Roads (1965-1995)
Liberty 21 Feb 1993 So Many Roads (1965-1995)
(1) studio instrumental versions are included as bonus tracks on Aoxomoxoa in the Rhino Box Set The Golden Road

The following songs on Anthem Of The Sun are a mixture of live and studio recordings:
Born Cross-Eyed 
Cryptical Envelopment 
New Potato Caboose 
The Other One 
The following songs have been released as studio recordings on Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir etc albums but are effectively Grateful Dead studio recordings
Title Albume By First Played Live
Black Throated Wind Ace  (Bob Weir)  5 Mar 1972
Cassidy Ace  (Bob Weir) 23 Mar 1974
Comes A Time Reflections  (Jerry Garcia ) 19 Oct 1971
Greatest Story Ever Told Ace  (Bob Weir) 18 Feb 1971
It Must Have Been The Roses Reflections  (Jerry Garcia ) 22 Feb 1974
Looks Like Rain Ace  (Bob Weir) 21 Mar 1972
Mexicali Blues Ace  (Bob Weir) 19 Oct 1971
Might As Well Reflections  (Jerry Garcia )  3 Jun 1976
One More Saturday Night Ace  (Bob Weir) 19 Oct 1971
Playing In The Band Ace  (Bob Weir) 18 Feb 1971
They Love Each Other Reflections  (Jerry Garcia )  9 Feb 1973
Mission In The Rain was also recorded on Jerry Garcia's album Reflections, but with JGB members rather than the Grateful Dead.

The following songs have only been released as studio recordings by Jerry Garcia (on Garcia) with just Bill Kreutzmann backing him:
Title First Played Live
Bird Song 19 Feb 1971
Deal 19 Feb 1971
Loser 18 Feb 1971
Sugaree 31 Jul 1971
The Wheel  3 Jun 1976


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