Fire On The Mountain

An unreleased Mickey Hart album, recorded at his barn in Novato in 1973-74. Dennis McNally explains the story:
Mickey had gotten a three-record deal from Joe Smith, and Rolling Thunder gave him the means to improve the barn's equipment. ... This gave Mickey a chance to step much, much further out on the edge. His next album, Fire On The Mountain, began with the song of that name, and then moved into Hartian (as in Martian) percussion/electronica space. One piece, "Marshmallow Road," was written by Mickey and Barry Melton in Hart's mother's home in Sunrise City, Florida. Their means of inspiration was to lock themselves in a room with eight or ten cartons of marshmallows. After two days the LSD, the Florida heat, and the marshmallows combined into a nasty goo, and they fled the room and jumped into the nearest swimming pool. In Joe Smith's opinion, the album was as gooey as the Marshmallow Road, and he rejected it.
The tracklist for the album seems to have been as follows - though I wonder if some of the tracks from Area Code 415 might have been intended for this album as well.
Fire On The Mountain 
Speed Racer 
Fear And Loathing 
Checker Man 
Marshmallow Road 


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