Diga Rhythm Band

A Mickey Hart album released in 1976, with Jerry Garcia playing on two tracks. Mickey Hart described the origins in "Drumming At The Edge Of Magic":
Zakir [Hussain] had a rehearsal band made up of some of the best students at Ali Akbar Khan's school. When I joined them, they had been entertaining the notion for some time of creating a tuned percussion orchestra modelled afer the gamelan orchestras of Bali. I took this notion, added to it my growing inventory of Western drums, a good PA system, and a taste of the backbeat, and in the course of the next tew months we evolved into a fourteen-eyed monster of rhythm and noise.

We called ourselves the Diga Rhythm Band, after the sound one of the drums makes - "dee-ga."
Sweet Sixteen 
Magnificent Sevens 
Happiness Is Drumming (note 1) 
Tal Mala 
(1) An early, instrumental, version of "Fire On The Mountain."

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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