Blues For Allah

Recorded 4 Jun to 13 Jul 1975. Released 1 Sep 1975, with tracks:
Help On The Way 
Franklin's Tower 
King Solomon's Marbles 
      -    Part I: Stronger Than Dirt
      -    Part II: Milkin' The Turkey
The Music Never Stopped 
Crazy Fingers 
Sage And Spirit 
Blues For Allah 
      -    Blues For Allah
      -    Sand Castles And Glass Camels
      -    Unusual Occurrences In The Desert
Remastered and reissued in 2004 with bonus tracks as part of the box set Beyond Description (1973-1990).

The bonus tracks are six instrumental studio outtakes:
Groove #1 instrumental studio outtake 27 Feb 1975
Groove #2 instrumental studio outtake 27 Feb 1975
Distorto instrumental studio outtake 28 Feb 1975 (note 1)
A To E Flat Jam instrumental studio outtake 27 Feb 1975
Proto 18 Proper instrumental studio outtake 27 Feb 1975
Hollywood Cantata studio outtake  7 May 1975
(1) an early instrumental version of "Crazy Fingers" (thanks to Todd for pointing this out)


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