At The Edge

A Mickey Hart album released in 1990.

He gives the following introduction:
Researching the music of prehistoric man for Drumming at the Edge of Magic, I learned that whistles, rattles, concussion sticks, musical bows and bells were among the oldest instruments in the world. When I slept, the voices of the old instruments accompanied my dreams, blending with the sounds of nature, resonating and awakening a memory of far-off time before speech, but not before song.

It seemed like someting ancient andcomplelling was reaching out, using the language of rhythm to communicate that we as a species have reached our edge. In order to survive there, we must change. Change rhythms. Change rhythms and dance.

Here are my dreamsongs; some of the music brought back from At the Edge. A collaboration with musicians who have travelled with me throughout my journey, and over the years.
#4 For Gaia 
Sky Water 
Slow Sailing 
Lonesome Hero 
Fast Sailing 
Cougar Run 
The Eliminators 
Pigs In Space 

Further Information
For more information on this recording see Matt Schofield's Grateful Dead Family Discography


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