Anthem Of The Sun

This is a mix of live and studio recordings. The sleeve notes list the live dates as being:
10-11 Nov 1967 at Shrine Exposition, LA (see also 30 Trips Around The Sun)
20 Jan 1968 at Eureka
26-27 Jan 1968 at Eagles Auditorium, Seattle
2-3 Feb 1968 at Crytal Ballroom, Portland
14 Feb 1968 at Carousel Ballroom, SF (see also Road Trips Volume 2 Number 2)
22-24 Feb 1968 at Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe (see also Dick's Picks Vol 22)
15-17 Mar 1968 at Carousel Ballroom, SF (see also Download Series Volume 6)
29-31 Mar 1968 at Carosel Ballroom, SF
The track listing is:
1. That's It For The Other One
I. Cryptical Envelopment
II. Quadlibet For Tender Feet
III. The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get (note 1)
IV. We Leave The Castle
2. New Potato Caboose
3. Born Cross-Eyed
4. Alligator
5. Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) (note 2)
Remastered and reissued in 2001 with some bonus tracks, initially as part of the Rhino box set The Golden Road (1965-1973), but now also available separately. The bonus tracks are:
Alligator 23 Aug 1968
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) 23 Aug 1968
Feedback 23 Aug 1968
Born Cross-Eyed (hidden track) single version
These bonus tracks were subsequently included as Disk 3 of the reissued version of Two From The Vault.

(1) subsequently known as The Other One.
(1) includes "feedback" section not credited separately.


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