Hidden tracks on Grateful Dead albums

This lists the "hidden" tracks on Grateful Dead and related albums - by that I mean tracks not listed in the liner notes etc.

Dick's Picks Vol 13
Track 4 on Disc 2 is just listed as Saint Of Circumstance. That song ends at 6:30 into the track, when there is about a minute's silence. Then Scarlet Begonias starts at 7:38 and segues into Fire On The Mountain at about 26:45. The track finishes at 42:40. This Scarlet>Fire is from 1 November 1979.

Dick's Picks Vol 29
There is uncredited filler on two of the discs in this release. On disc 2, the second disc of the 19 May 1977 show, the liner notes end with track 4 as "Estimated Prophet." The filler is Not Fade Away (track 5), Wharf Rat (track 6) and Around And Around (track 7), all from 11 October 1977. These play on from track 4 with only about a 10 second gap.

On disc 5, the second disc of the 21 May 1977 show, the liner notes end with track 5 as "Brown-Eyed Women." The filler is Dancing In The Streets (track 6) and Dire Wolf (track 7), also from 11 October 1977. In this case, there is a gap of over 9 minutes if you play on from the end of track 5.

Fillmore East, 2-11-69
Track 10 on Disc 2 is just listed as We Bid You Goodnight. That song ends at about 3:09, and applause and tuning-up noises continue until about 7:00 when Cosmic Charlie starts. It continues until 9:05 when the tape reel ran out on the original recording.

The Golden Road (1965-1973)
Many of the CDs in the Rhino box set have "hidden" tracks. These are included as separate tracks, not listed in the liner notes but playable if you step forward through the tracks. They have varying lengths of silent introduction if you let the CD run on from the previous track. Shady Grove (Garcia/Grisman)
Track 13 is listed as Down In The Valley. That song concludes at 4:59, and there's about a minute's silence followed by a version of Hesitation Blues starting at 5:57.

Breakdown (Old And In The Way)
Track 19 is listed as Blue Mule. That songs ends at 4:26 and there's a little over a minute's silence. A version of Catfish John starts at 5:35.

Grayfolded (John Oswald/Grateful Dead)
There is a hidden track before track 1. The only way to get at this is to start track 1 playing, and then do a "rewind" (this doesn't work on all CD players). The start of the track is about 3:47 before the "official" start.

The Pizza Tapes (Garcia/Grisman/Rice)
The last track listed is House Of The Rising Sun, with a track length of 5:39. The track continues with some banter until 5:52, when there is about 30 seconds of silence, followed by an interchange comparing Tony Rice's playing to Clarence White and then some noodling by Jerry on Tony Rice's guitar. The track ends at 8:03.

Postcards Of The Hanging
There is some studio chatter after Man Of Peace, starting at about 5:19

The Closing Of Winterland
At the end of Track 9 of the bonus CD of highlights from earlier New Year's Eve shows at the Winterland, there is a few seconds of silence at about 7:20. Then at 7:47, there is the recording from the PA of an incident at the show in 1972.

On the DVD itself, there are a number of Easter Eggs.

Rockin' The Rhein
Between "He's Gone" and "Hurts Me Too" there's a Stars And Stripes Forever tuning. It starts at about -1:00 on track 4.

Rare Cuts And Oddities
Track 18 is Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks). This finishes at 9.15, including some stage announcements and audience applause. There is then about a minute of silence, followed at 10.20 by the start of Cream Puff War. This peters to a halt after about 50 seconds, with Jerry saying "I forgot the words." (thanks to John Sarjeant for spotting this)


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