"Katie" by Anne Bell

"Write me a poem," you say.
"Can't do that, can't write to order," I reply - and yet I do, inspired by your enthusiasm, fired by the visions that you have, and your urgent need to make those visions tangible.

Boatsheds at Pittwater,
wine at Glyndebourne,
mirages on the Nullabor,
gardens and tin sheds -
attended by your marvellous senses
and your unerring skills,
through you, the world takes on a new dimension, built on your personal delight in all things that have no price save that of joyful recognition.
Walking Freo in the forest
and Holly by the Thames;
new leaves on trees;
row boats and gardens,
and water - always water -
golden, gusty autumn days;
mankind's achievements
( and sometimes his follies too )
wine, deep love, good friends
( and what a gift you have for friendship ) chickens, music and funny, silly, inconsequential things that make you laugh -

You give us these and more -
and quite unwittingly -
an infinite bequest -
the love of life itself.

©Anne Bell 2007